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    • Partners and drivers attraction and retention Strategies of Uber Bangladesh 

      Khan, Md.Mofijul Islam (United International University, 2018-10-16)
      The overall approach of the report is a descriptive one as it goes into the depth and partner’s attraction and retention strategies of UBER Bangladesh. This company widely known as UBER Bangladesh is the leading technology-based ...
    • Payment Transaction Tracking & Processing of Miaki Media Limited 

      Naznin, Mst.Shaila (2018-02-18)
      This temporary job report has been set up to satisfy the necessity for the getting BBA in AIS degree. As a piece of our course it is obligatory to engage with an association for a specific timeframe get the commonsense ...
    • Payroll Management System in Python: A Study on payroll management 

      Mishu, Amena Akter; Kabir, Ahmed Imran (2023-03-28)
      The “payroll system” indicates of paying the existing employees, depositing their taxes while maintaining the transactional records of the employees. To assure the accurate computation & disbursement of salaries of the ...
    • Performance Analysis & Agent Banking of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited 

      Sharif Title, Sumayia (2023-03-04)
      This report provides a clear idea of the financial performance analysis and agent banking of ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESH LIMITED. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited was established in March 1983 based on "Islamic Shariah" with ...
    • Performance analysis among Mutual Fund Managers of Bangladesh 

      Dip, Khan Arafat Rahman (United International University, 2019-02-02)
      This project paper is prepared as requirement of BBA program of United International University. This project provides an overall Performance analysis among mutual fund Managers of Bangladesh (ICB, AIMS & RELIANCE) based ...
    • Performance Analysis and Comparison Among DSE listed Islamic Shariah Mutual Funds 

      Ahmed, S.M. Salahuddin (United International University, 2019-02-23)
      The philosophy of mutual funds is not to ‘carry coal to the new castle'. The main target is to make the investment profitable for the investor and use it in a efficient way.So here in this report I have done a financial ...
    • Performance analysis between Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Reneta Ltd. 

      khan, ratib (2020-01-22)
      the author has conducted financial analysis of one public ltd and another private ltd pharmaceutical firm (which is the intern organization) and found that in some cases the private ltd firm has crossed the public ltd. ...
    • Performance Analysis of GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited 

      Mondol, Prithy (2019-01-05)
      The pharmaceutical section of GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited was carefully chosen due to perimeter scope of the report as reasonable as conceivable and the systematized nature of data of this production section. Bearing ...
    • Performance Analysis of Abdul MOnem Limited IGLOO Ice Cream 

      Jahan, Selima (United International University, 2018-05)
    • Performance Analysis of Abdul MOnem Limited IGLOO Ice Cream 

      Jahan, Salima (United International University, 2018-06)
    • Performance analysis of Banking Sectors 

      Hossain, Sakhawat (2018-07-14)
    • Performance Analysis of Bata Shoe Co. Bangladesh Limited 

      Alam, S.M Rabiul (2019-01-09)
      The internship report on Bata shoe company Bangladesh ltd footwear industry. A study on Bata shoe Bangladesh ltd as required by the supervisor Mohammad Amzad Hossain, Assistant professor, Department of business & Economics, ...
    • Performance Analysis of City Bank Limited 

      Hafsa, Umme (2018-10-16)
      Internship program is the important part for the graduation in BBA. Only Classroom discussion cannot make a student perfect in dealing with the real business situation. Therefore it is an opportunity for the students to ...
    • Performance Analysis of Commercial Bank 

      Das, Satta (2018-10-14)
      The objective of this report is to complete the partial fulfillment requirement of the BBA program by gathering practical knowledge regarding retail banking, credit management and performance evaluation of the Bank. This ...
    • Performance Analysis of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: A Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Banks 

      Zinnat, Tahara (United International University, 2019-05)
      Bank is an economic institution and its aim is to earn profit through exchange of money and credit instruments. It is a service oriented as well as profits oriented organization. The main concern is to analysis the financial ...
    • Performance Analysis of Consumer Knitex Ltd (CKL) 

      Al-Amin, Md. (United International University, 2018-07-17)
      First of all, I try to give an overview of Consumer Knitex Ltd. in this report. I provide their mission, core value, and strategic objective as well as find their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I also ...
    • Performance Analysis of Dhaka Bank Ltd. 

      Tabassum, Murtaza (2019-07-14)
      This report is about Dhaka Bank Limited and its concert sign in the performances analysis of Dhaka Bank Limited.. The Dhaka Bank is one of the fundamental budgetary bank in the country. During my internship period ,I have ...
    • Performance Analysis of IFIC Bank Limited 

      Hasan, Md. Monjurol (2019-05-08)
      IFIC Bank Limited is one of the reputed and leading private commercial Banks in Bangladesh. The Bank started its journey in 1976 as a joint venture. After that, in 1983, the government allowed banks in the private sector. ...
    • Performance Analysis Of Jamuna Bank Limited 

      Chowdhury, Shamia (United International University, 2019-05-28)
      This report prepared on the basis of practical experiences of Jamuna Bank Ltd. The internship programs help me a lot to learn about the practical situation of financial. This program helps me to implement my theoretical ...
    • Performance Analysis of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. 

      Sobhan, Rahman (2022-07-23)
      For a corporation, a business, or a person, performance analysis is critical. Because every company wants to know how they're doing, whether they're doing well or not, and if they're adhering to international standards. ...