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  • Mobile Banking Practices in Bangladesh 

    Khondoker, Moid (2023-03-19)
    Mobile network operators first came to Bangladesh in 1993 through Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) technology. Later, Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology was introduced. Despite being a more recent service ...
  • Human Resource Policies and Practices at the Branch Level of Rupali Bank Limited 

    Setu, Md. Imran Khan (2023-03-13)
    In the first part of this report Firstly, I have represented introduction part and also discuss the background of the study where I focus on objectives of the study. And also discuss the methodology where I discuss how I ...
  • Accounting Standard of NCC Bank Limited 

    Modhu, Marceline Swarna (2023-03-13)
    International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and International Accounting Standard (IAS) are the common guidelines for the accounting people to prepare the accounting report all over the world. The objectives of this ...
  • Deposit Schemes Analysis of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited 

    Rahman, Nafia (United International University, 2023-03)
    Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. It is an Islamic Shariah Bank conducting business activities based on Islamic law, principles and regulation. The objective of the study is to analyze ...
  • Prediction of Protein methylation sites of lysine residues using machine learning algorithms 

    Islam, Sadia (2023-03-11)
    Post Translational Modification (PTM) plays an essential role in the biological and molecular mechanisms. They are also considered as a vital element in cell signaling and networking pathways. Among different PTMs, Methylation ...

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