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  • B-SAHIC: A Blockchain based Secured and Automated Health Insurance Claim processing system 

    Khatun, Mahafuja (United International University, 2022-01-16)
    In recent years, Blockchain technology has been successfully used in many dis- tributed environments where different stakeholders, who do not have any trust relationship among them, interact each other in a secured and ...
  • Internal Audit Procedure of Howladar Yunus CO. 

    Srijon, MD. Siful Malak (2022-01-05)
    The purpose of this report is to analyses Howladar Yunus & CO.’s internal audit procedures and processes. This report represents culmination of the internship experience. The report has been divided into eight separate ...
  • CSR activities of Dhaka Bank Ltd. during Covid-19 pandemic 

    Kumar Saha, Rajib (2022-01-08)
    I have completed a 3-month internship at Dhaka Bank Ltd. as this is the part of BBA program. The purpose of this report is to analyze and reflect on my internship responsibilities, experiences, and learnings.In this banking ...
  • Data Path Limited & Implementation of MIS in outsourcing 

    Salmin, Tasnova; Kabir, Ahmed Imran (2022-01-03)
    Data-Path Limited is a Business Process Outsourcing Company which started in 2008 and works for International and Nation-wide businesses. It specializes on pension planning, financial planning and preparing various documents ...
  • Project Report on Customer Satisfaction of Daraz Bangladesh 

    Farsi, Salman (2022-01-04)
    The failure of the most promising e-commerce company in Bangladesh- Evaly has surprised the entire country. Evaly was often regarded as the amazon of Bangladesh. However, the dream of making this company into a giant one ...

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