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  • An investigative report on the Rural Development Scheme (RDS) Included participants Income 

    Akhter, Tanjila (2018-04-17)
    Micro finance plays most important role in economic sectors of a developing country. Being a developing country Bangladesh suffers from various issues of poverty. The outrageous population of Bangladesh makes its economy ...
  • Audit Planning Ahmed Zaker and Co. 

    Alam, Sofiqul (2018-04-16)
    This report is based on Audit Planning. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate different aspects of audit planning and put emphasis on its significance. This report is prepared in the context of Ahmed Zaker & Co. ...
  • Book Building Method and Its Impact on Capital Market of Bangladesh 

    Islam, Sadia (United International University, 2018-04-13)
    Applied information is essential to the submission of hypothetical aptitude. Considering this,the topic of this report is selected to acquire real knowledge. I thankfully admit my indebtness concepts and data providers. I ...
  • Quality of Sustainable Corporate Reporting: An Evidence from Bangladesh 

    Ahmed, Md. Sujan (2018-04-10)
    The main purpose of this paper is to know the current practices of sustainability reporting in the different public listed companies in Bangladesh according to GRI guideline and prescribe some advices for the concerned ...
  • Sustainable Corporate Reporting in Developing Countries 

    Khan, Upoma Mohsin (2018-04-11)
    In my report, evaluate the sustainability reporting in Bangladesh textile companies. I have discussed elements of corporate sustainability reporting and detected sustainability reports of selected textile industries in ...

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