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  • IoT Enabled Efficient Waste Collection System 

    Masroor, Hasan (UIU, 2020-10-17)
    In order to have a secure, comfortable and healthy life, smart cities are regarded as the future of human habitation. Within the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), the development of sensors and actuators empowers a ...
  • Digital Banking and Customer Satisfaction in City Bank 

    Hasan, Jihad (United International University, 2020-10-07)
    This internship report is shaped based on the overall analysis based on digital banking and customer satisfaction of city bank ltd. This report can favor you in creating a clear knowledge of how a commercial bank like city ...
  • Analyzing The Declines of The Dhaka Stock Exchange in The Year 2019 

    Munni, Wahida (2020-10-06)
    This study aims to explore the declines of the Dhaka Stock Exchange in the year 2019. Lot of minor declines forecast a major decline. Results of the study disclose that, throughout the whole year the stock market was very ...

    Hossain, Md. Shahadat (United International University, UIU, 2020-10-05)
    Greenland Technologies Limited is sister concern company GETCO group. It is a trading company who imports AED, IED products and also provide services for the tractors. GTL’s also have a tender department who provide service ...
  • Management Accounting Practices- a Case Study on Small Scale Construction Companies 

    Islam, Naimul (2020-10-02)
    Management accounting is the theory based system that defines, assess, evaluate, present and transmit financial data and information to executives with the aim to achieve the mission and visions of an organization. As the ...

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