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    • Acute Surgical BD 

      Islam, Md. Kamrul; Shohan, S.M.; Faysul, Tanjimul; Rumel, Tareq Hassan (United International University, 2018-07-17)
      Electronic Commerce is system of doing business through Online. A person sitting on his chair in front of a computer can entrance all the facilities of the Internet to buy the products or sell the products. Unlike ...
    • Analysis of Tree in Computer-based Application 

      Sharif, Md. Kamal Ibne; Das, Abhijeet; Hyder, Nazmul; khan, Al Amin (United International University, 2018-10-24)
      The main target of our thesis “Analysis of Tree in Computer-based Application” was implemented some tree and some algorithm so that we can able to make some computer based applications. The applications will help you to ...
    • Articulatory Feature Based Automatic Speech Recognition Using Neural Network 

      Ifrat, Kazi; Israt, Kazi; Saimun, Imran Hossain; Akter, Fahima (United International University, 2018-07-06)
      Many ASR systems based on hidden Markov model (HMM) have been developed over the last years. Most of these use mel frequency cepstral coefficient(MFCC) of the speech signal, that considers the time frequency distribution ...
    • Bangla Automatic Phoneme Recognition 

      Shweta, Shrobana Barai; Parvin, Irine; Liza, Nasrin Jahan; Saida, Aziza Tun (United International University, 2018-05-27)
      Speech recognition is now known a most challenging problem. People are trying to use speech recognition in so many applications to make their work easier. In Bengali language there are so many varieties in pronunciation. ...
    • Bangla Content Categorization Using Text Based Supervised Learning Methods 

      Al Mostakim, Sadek; Ehsan, Faiza; Hasan, Syeda Mahdiea (2018-09)
      The widespread and increasing availability of text documents in electronic form increases the importance of using automatic methods to analyze the content of text documents. Specifically, there is a great development in ...
    • Bangla Sentence Correction Using Deep Neural Network Based Sequence to Sequence Learning 

      Islam, Sadidul; Sarkar, Mst. Farhana; Hussain, Towhid; Hasan, Md. Mehedi (2018-09)
      Development in deep neural networks in particular to natural language processing has motivated researchers to apply these techniques in solving challenging problems like machine translation, automatic grammar checking, ...

      Saha, Sourav; Tabassum, Faria; Saha, Kowshik; Akter, Marjana (United International University, 2019-01-05)
      This thesis is mainly focused on finding out the misspelled words and providing the most optimized suggestion for Bengali words. The system that has been developed to make the path more ease of checking Bengali spelling ...
    • Brain Machine Interface 

      Miah, Md. Ochiuddin; Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur; Meno, Md. Rashed Khan (2018-03-16)
      In last few decades fields like- Intelligence Systems for biosignals processing and modeling has developed extensively and this advancement has opened up many new windows of opportunities. Brain Machine Interface (BMI) is ...

      Dowla, Saif Ud; Hasan, Mahabub; Rabbe, S.M Rezai; Rahman, Md. Jillur (2018-10-02)
      Alumni association of an institute plays an important role to engage university people. Alumni is the face of an institute. They are often called university ambassadors. Alumni associations are often formed with universities ...
    • Classification by Clustering (CbC): An Approach of Classifying Big Data based on Similarities 

      Khan, Sakib Shahriar; Ahamed, Shakim; Jannat, Miftahul; Monwar, Irin (2019-01-30)
      Data classification in supervised learning is the process of classifying data for data mining task that helps to analyses data for decision making. The objective of a classification model is to correctly predict the ...
    • Correlation-Based Feature Grouping with Decision Tree for Classifying High-Dimentional Imbalanced Data 

      Darda, Md. Abu; Panni, Md. Arbab Khan; Islam, Md. Bakktiar; Mamun, Md. Abdullah Al (2018-08-28)
      Classifying high-dimensional imbalanced data is a big challenge in mining real-world big data. Existing algorithms are classifying the majority class instances and get the maximum classification accuracy and minority ...
    • Design and Development of a Wireless Smart Attendance System 

      Zabin, Dil Rifat; Hossain, Md. Imran; Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2018-10-21)
    • Design of An Autonomous Vehicle for Road Safety Information Exchange 

      Akther, Fahmida; Molla, Md. Mamun; Islam, Saimon; Didar, A.S.M.Diniate (2018-12-18)
    • Designing A Learning Platform (English Skill Development) 

      Ashekin, Rushlan Al; Datta, Norendra Nath; Saha, Puja Rani; Fahad, MD. F K (2018-10-02)
      English skill development has always been a hard task for lower learners, especially when the improvement of the listen and speak skills platform. For skill activities in the language served many valuable purposes to the ...
    • Designing Pedagogical Learning Environment in ICT 

      Hassan, Al Maruf; Tamanna, Tanjum; Tabassum, Tanjum; Afrin, Tanjina (2017-12-09)
      Pedagogy of ICT has great methodology in the interaction of the teachers teach, the students learn and the learning environment as well as the tasks. It helps expand the educational opportunities in different perspective, ...
    • E-commerce System (MIK Online Shop) 

      Imran, Md. Imdadul Haque; Rahman, Md. Akhlakur; Asfat, Kowshiq (2018-01-28)
      E-Commerce site that is the buzzword bound to bring curiosity from everyone concerned about buy or sell. A person sitting on his chair in front of a computer can access all the facilities of the Internet to buy or sell the ...
    • Educare Forum 

      Sarkar, Shubhra; Debnath, Pankaj; Razu, Zahidul Islam; Islam, Rownok Alahi (2018-07-17)

      Kabir, Shihab; Akter, Roksana; Mehdi, Md. Rafat Al; Rabbi, Md. Reza-e (United International University, 2018-07-17)
      E-commerce is getting popularized day by day around the world and eventually in our country. A person sitting on his chair in front of a computer can access all the facilities of the Internet to buy or sell the products. ...
    • ERP 360: A Robust Enterprise Resource Planning For Educational Institutions 

      Rahaman, Md. Ashifur; Islam, Md. Ariful (2018-05-22)
      In most of the organizations mainly the educational institutions in Bangladesh does not have any digitalized system for complaint or requisition management for their employees. A software system could help the organization ...
    • Event Detection and Violence Recognition from Textual News through Multilayer Perceptron and Supervised Learning 

      Alam, Tasmia Ishrat; Mamun, Imtiaz; Khandokar, Iftakhar Ali; Anas, Zubair Ahmed (2018-11)
      An unprecedented way is accomplished by using concept words derived from statistical context analysis between sentences which is better than traditional methods that use only keyword representation. Through scaling to a ...