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  • Bangla Automatic Phoneme Recognition 

    Shweta, Shrobana Barai; Parvin, Irine; Liza, Nasrin Jahan; Saida, Aziza Tun (United International University, 2018-05-27)
    Speech recognition is now known a most challenging problem. People are trying to use speech recognition in so many applications to make their work easier. In Bengali language there are so many varieties in pronunciation. ...
  • Study on Hashing Techniques 

    Khan, Md. Nazmul; Ema, Suraiya Tasnim; Jahan, Samia (United International University, 2018-05-27)
    The main aims of this thesis “Study on hashing techniques” are to get familiar with hash functions and hash background, knowing different hashing techniques and collision resolution techniques. It will help you to find ...
  • Home Security Automation Using Internet of Things 

    Sharma, Sudipta; Uddin, Borhan; Islam, Md. Azizul (2018-05-23)
  • Creating E-Market Place ( 

    Islam, Jafrin (United International University, 2018-05-22)
    Electronic Commerce(E-Commerce) is the process of buying and selling products and services, transferring the funds and data over the internet. This business transaction occurs either business to business or business to ...
  • ERP 360: A Robust Enterprise Resource Planning For Educational Institutions 

    Rahaman, Md. Ashifur; Islam, Md. Ariful (2018-05-22)
    In most of the organizations mainly the educational institutions in Bangladesh does not have any digitalized system for complaint or requisition management for their employees. A software system could help the organization ...

    Faruk, Md. Omar (United International University, 2018-05-18)
    Technologies decreased our distance one to another. Before some years ago we saw message send and reached time. Today we can send a message with in second, of course we know many time need to reach. These contribution ...
  • Extracting Meta Knowledge from Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithm 

    Nath, Meshu Deb; Tabannur, Mehbuba; Tonoy, Md Mahamudul Hasan; Saha, Susmita (2018-05-10)
    Extracting meta-knowledge from real-world meta-data is a challenging task, which is a fundamental conceptual instrument for knowledge engineering and knowledge management. Meta-knowledge is a knowledge that learns to ...
  • Design and Development of Smart application for Diabetes Awareness, Prevention and Management 

    Islam, Md. Ariful (2018-04-22)
    Worldwide the number of diabetes patient is increasing and the rate is alarming in countries with low and middle income. Management of a diabetes are still costly which leads to high mortality rate in low and middle income ...
  • Brain Machine Interface 

    Miah, Md. Ochiuddin; Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur; Meno, Md. Rashed Khan (2018-03-16)
    In last few decades fields like- Intelligence Systems for biosignals processing and modeling has developed extensively and this advancement has opened up many new windows of opportunities. Brain Machine Interface (BMI) is ...
  • E-COMMERCE Site Development for Online Shop 

    Khan, Tareq Ahmad (United International University, 2018-03-16)
    The main object of the project is to introduce the people of Bangladesh to do business in the electronic way in order to save time, money and space. Online shop is a website which helps the people to find product place ...
  • Personnel Document Management System 

    JAHAN, TANJINA (United International University, 2018-03-16)
    Main target of this project is to create platform unbiased internet application to manipulate and distribute digital documents using web browser. The mission solution that aims to store, track, and index all the electronic ...
  • Medical Ward Management System 

    Begum, Najnin (United International University, 2018-03-16)
    The purpose of the “Medical Ward Management System” is to digitalize the Front Office Management of Hospital to develop application which is simple, user friendly, fast, cost – effective and secure. The system deals with ...
  • HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Android Application) 

    TINNY, JINAT AFSANA (United International University, 2018-03-16)
    By using Hospital Management system - Android application, it will be very easy to maintain Hospital Management. Its functionality is very easy and anyone can use it to manage Hospital Management. Its functionality is ...
  • Task Management System 

    Mahmud, Sohana (2018-03-13)

    Shanchita, Asma Zaman (United International University, 2018-03-13)
    In today‟s fast-paced trade surroundings, a persuasive and fast reply to client‟s need is the crying need for any successful business. The business-to-consumer of e-commerce is the most noticeable business. The main objective ...

    HASAN, MD. NAZMUL (United International University, 2018-03-13)
    As tourism is one of the fastest and largest growing industries these days, thus within the tourism industry occasions are getting important. People have become more concerned in all kinds of occasions, and will travel ...

    RAHMAN, MD HAIBUR (United International University, 2018-03-13)
    This thesis presents an improved phonetic encoding for Bangla which can be used for spelling checking, transliteration, name searching application as well as cross-lingual information retrieval. To produce an appropriate ...
  • Machine Learning Model on Rainfall - A Predicted Approach for Bangladesh 

    Zaman, Yousuf (United International University, 2018-03-11)
    Mankind have been attempting to predict the weather from prehistory. For good reason for knowing when to plant crops, when to build and when to prepare for drought and flood. In a nation such as Bangladesh being able to ...

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