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  • Towards Comprehensive Bangla Computing: Corpus and Lexicon with Spell and Grammar Checker 

    Hossain, Nahid (United International University, 2019-02-06)
    In this thesis, we have presented a comprehensive Bangla spell and grammar checker and its building techniques. To make the grammar checker highly accurate and robust, we have built the largest Bangla monolingual corpus ...
  • Study on Text Similarity Measure Algorithms For English Language 

    Kowser, Sultana; Rahman, Shuchita; Shojol, Dewan Ashikuzzaman; Kabir, Moumita (United International University, 2019-02-04)
    In this modern era Text Similarity Measurement is one of the most vital concerns. We are constantly driven to improve our system to minimize human error by achieving high accuracy and Machine Learning algorithm is serving ...
  • Classification by Clustering (CbC): An Approach of Classifying Big Data based on Similarities 

    Khan, Sakib Shahriar; Ahamed, Shakim; Jannat, Miftahul; Monwar, Irin (2019-01-30)
    Data classification in supervised learning is the process of classifying data for data mining task that helps to analyses data for decision making. The objective of a classification model is to correctly predict the ...
  • Library Management System 

    Rakib, Md. Tanzir Ahsan (United International University, 2018-01-27)
    The software Library Management System with some advance features is to support the librarian of an institute. The users (i.e. librarian, student) will find it very user friendly, where user can be serviced with more ...
  • Automatic Issue Tracking & Release Management System 

    Yusuf, Akib (United International University, 2019-01-27)
    Any kind of organization especially software company requires an issue tracking system & delivery channel requires a release management or delivery management system. In the issue tracking system they put all their issues ...
  • A Real-Time Video-Based Adaptive Vehicle Counting, Speed Measurement and Classification Tool in Java 

    Ghosh, Amit; Sabuj, Md. Shahinuzzaman; Sonet, Hamudi Hasan (2019-01-20)
    Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is an integral part for efficiently and effectively managing road-transport network in metros and smart cities. ITS provides several important features including public transportation ...
  • Network Intrusion Classification Employing Machine Learning: A Survey 

    Akhi, Afroja Bhuiyan; Kanon, Esrat Jahan; Kabir, Arpita; Banu, Atika (2019-01-18)
    In this modern era computer network security is a vital issue. Network security is developed by an efficient Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It is used to identify unauthorized access, malicious attacks and give an alert ...

    Saha, Sourav; Tabassum, Faria; Saha, Kowshik; Akter, Marjana (United International University, 2019-01-05)
    This thesis is mainly focused on finding out the misspelled words and providing the most optimized suggestion for Bengali words. The system that has been developed to make the path more ease of checking Bengali spelling ...
  • Flip-Flop Conversion using Clustering 

    Rashid, Yamir; Mohammad, Prince (United International University, 2018-12-24)
    This thesis work describes the conversion of flip-flops (FF) using Clustering method to generate the Sum of Products (SOP) from the K-Maps. The approach to this work is divided into two major steps: generation of the ...
  • Internal Security Monitoring of an Organization by Scapy & Kali Linux 

    Zaman, Most. Mithyla; Bristy, Badrun Nahar; Mukur, Tasnim Morium (2018-12-18)
  • Design of An Autonomous Vehicle for Road Safety Information Exchange 

    Akther, Fahmida; Molla, Md. Mamun; Islam, Saimon; Didar, A.S.M.Diniate (2018-12-18)
  • PoS and Inventory Solution for Restaurants 

    Chowdhury, Fahima (United International University, 2018-12-03)
    This project was proposed by a coffee shop. The purpose was to manage the sales and the inventory effect by the sales.Presently the system is working as a Point of sales and as an Inventory Management as well. In the ...
  • Machine Learning for Mining Big Data: A Review 

    Hossain, Masroor Fattah Bin; Mamun, Abdur Rahman; Mishu, Monika Akter (2018-11-24)
    Development of Big Data is virtually transforming our lifestyle. It is also accelerating industrial growth through process optimization, insight discovery and improved decision making. The massive scale of big data exceeds ...
  • Novel Class Detection in Concept Drifting Data Streams Using Decision Tree Leaves 

    Saha, Deepita; Haque, Md Mozzammel; Sarkar, Akash; Alam, Famina (2018-10-24)
    Concept drifting data streams often occurs in weather forecasting, intrusion detection and other applications. One of the difficulties with handling concept drifting data streams is the existence of novel classes in the ...
  • Integration of IoT and Cloud Computing: Development of an Intelligent Face-recognition System 

    Ahmed, Asif; Bipul, Md. Younus; Imran, Syad Md.; Tahniat, Niger Sultana (2018-11-22)
    IoT has seen steady growth over recent years with smart home appliances, smart personal gear, personal assistants, industrial assistance and many more. Devices used in the Internet of Things (IoT) are often low-powered ...
  • Proposed Smart Application for Eye Care 

    Arafeen, Md. Readowan; Shawon, Md. Intesar Alam; Jabeen, Suraia; Munsi, Touhid Ahmed (2018-10-30)
    Bangladesh is a densely populated developing country inhabiting more than 160 million people among them more than 70 percent people are living in rural areas. The lack of medical facilities exists all over the remote ...
  • Event Detection and Violence Recognition from Textual News through Multilayer Perceptron and Supervised Learning 

    Alam, Tasmia Ishrat; Mamun, Imtiaz; Khandokar, Iftakhar Ali; Anas, Zubair Ahmed (2018-11)
    An unprecedented way is accomplished by using concept words derived from statistical context analysis between sentences which is better than traditional methods that use only keyword representation. Through scaling to a ...
  • Purchase Approval System 

    Tasnim, Most. Tajkia (Un, 2018-11-17)
    The Purchase Approval System is business software that helps to automate the purchasing function of the organization. An organization can process their purchase paperwork through this system. Each step requires a certain ...
  • Analysis of Tree in Computer-based Application 

    Sharif, Md. Kamal Ibne; Das, Abhijeet; Hyder, Nazmul; khan, Al Amin (United International University, 2018-10-24)
    The main target of our thesis “Analysis of Tree in Computer-based Application” was implemented some tree and some algorithm so that we can able to make some computer based applications. The applications will help you to ...

    Dowla, Saif Ud; Hasan, Mahabub; Rabbe, S.M Rezai; Rahman, Md. Jillur (2018-10-02)
    Alumni association of an institute plays an important role to engage university people. Alumni is the face of an institute. They are often called university ambassadors. Alumni associations are often formed with universities ...

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