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dc.description.abstractEurotex Knitwear Ltd. is one of the most modern garments factories in Bangladesh. It started its journey with one motive: ensuring optimum productivity while protecting interests of all of its stakeholders’ interest. Eurotex wanted to be a role model in the RMG sector, and has rightfully claimed the position. Its journey right during the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry boom of Bangladesh during the mid-90s. This Report has been made based on “Overall practices of Eurotex Knitwear Ltd” who plays the vital role and the most essential part for the organization business. In RMG sector, HR activities and the compliance sector and the compensation systems to reinforce the objective of both HR and competitive business. RMG sector has large group of workers. Skillful workers are more demanding and competitor wants them so there is turnover because of employees’ benefits. Meanwhile, Industrial Relations, on the other hand, has a wide and limited definition. The word Industrial Relations, in a wide sense, refers to the interactions between different unions, the state and the unions, as well as the interactions between various businesses and the government. It refers to all kinds of interactions between employers and employees, trade unions and management, employers and unions, and workers and workers in the broadest sense. It also covers all types of connections in the company, both official and informal. To preserve healthy connections, the industrial relations system establishes norms and regulations. The government uses laws, regulations, agreements, conditions, and other means to influence labor relations. The industrial relations system involves a number of stakeholders. Employers and their organizations, workers and their unions, and the government are the major players. To create the industrial relations framework, these three parties engage within the economic and social context. They alter in accordance with the changing structure and situation of the industry as it evolves. Individual and group connections are included in industrial relations.en_US
dc.titleInternship report on the HR activities of Eurotex Knitwear Limiteden_US
dc.typeIntership Reporten_US

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