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dc.description.abstractThe credit rating as well as the credit rating industry is the recent concept in the financial sector of Bangladesh. Credit ratings are widely used by the investors, issuers, investment banks, broker-dealers, large companies, individuals, small and medium enterprises, each and every sector of Bangladesh now-a-days. In the financial service industry of Bangladesh, credit rating agencies are mainly operating under the “Credit Rating Industry”. There are lots of significant factors that affect the credit rating industry of Bangladesh such as external economic, technological, political, legal, and regulatory factors etc. In Bangladesh Credit Rating Agency’s regulation comes from the Bangladesh Security & Exchange Commission by implementing the “Credit Rating Companies Rules 1996”. There are total eight existing credit rating agencies in Bangladesh currently including CRISL, CRAB, NCR, ECRL, AGRUS, WASO, ALPHA and BDRAL; those are providing a wide range of credit rating services in Bangladesh. As the number of credit ratings agencies are increasing day by day, the credit rating industry of Bangladesh is at the “Maturity stage” in the industry life cycle model. Though the barriers to entry as well as the intensity of rivalry in this credit rating industry is greater but the threat of substitute is very low. Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd. (CRAB) is an independent and the second leading credit rating agency in Bangladesh, established in technical collaboration with ICRA Ltd of India. The credit rating industry is the well-developed as well as the most established industry in the financial sector of Bangladesh now-a-days and the demand for the credit rating services are increasing day- by-day which creates a huge opportunity for this industry though challenges also exists and by using these opportunities as well as overcoming those immense challenges, it can be more developed in the upcoming future.en_US
dc.titleCredit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB) & Credit Rating Industry of Bangladesh: An Internship Reporten_US
dc.typeIntership Reporten_US

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