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dc.description.abstractThe report has been made with my personal experience and my point of view about the whole operation I have been assigned to. I have done three months of my internship under the Community Engagement department of Asiatic Digital. I took an internship course as it is required to complete my undergraduate program. The report consists of six chapters where I tried to explain the operation and my experience thoroughly. The first chapter is about the background, source of information, and some restriction or limitation that I faced while preparing this report. In the second chapter, I covered the brief history of the company’s formation including the vision, mission, company profiles, and other wings. The third chapter is having in-depth details about the department that I worked for. All the other departments that are responsible for our direct and indirect operation have also been included with the organogram and discussed individually. The fourth chapter focuses on the Marketing Mix (Three Cs) of Asiatic Digital where I explained how the company attains the potential customer by addressing customer needs, a brief discussion about the service, the strategy to meet the customer satisfaction with different aspects, and finally how they differentiate or maintain a healthy competition with the competitors. The fifth chapter is about the industry analysis where I tried to present the current situation with the five forces model that how the different obstacles may appear to take down the company’s strength and position. The sixth chapter is based on my work experience where I showed the actual process of my given task, my daily reporting, the whole operation I was involved with, my personal observation and recommendation about the lacking or scope to work, and finally the conclusion.en_US
dc.titleAn Internship Report on Asiatic Marketing Communication Limited.en_US
dc.typeIntership Reporten_US

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