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dc.description.abstractIslami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) is one of the reputed banks in Bangladesh. It began its excursion in 1983. In 2018 it produced the highest profit margin in banking sector. And it also attained the highest remittance from outside of our country. This report will provide a precise idea of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited's General Activities and Performance. This report basically underlines IBBL's operational activities and the difference between Islami Bank and Conventional Bank. Banking sector is developing different events each day. To expand better services step by step, they are accompanying distinctive creative thoughts and items. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has confidence in the vision of together, towards, tomorrow. To accomplish the craving objectives the bank is indicating the greatness at all phases with an atmosphere of constant improvement. The report mentioned about the introduction, origin, scope, objective data collection, limitation & methodology of the study. Historical background, organizational objective & performance of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited are also discussed later. Finding and Analysis is including Investment mechanism and this report also showed different kinds of analysis and findings about Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Basically it is a banking system that wants to generate a profit oriented banking system. For this reason IBBL has implemented a number of profits generating project for the huge number of rural & urban people. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has been well reputed financial organization by their expected profit margin from their trade based business. Modes of Investment can be divided into three classifications, for example, Bai Mechanism, Sharing Mechanism and Ijarah Mechanism.en_US
dc.titleInvestment Mechanism of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limiteden_US
dc.typeIntership Reporten_US

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