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    • B2B Client Management Perspective of Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.: A hands on practice Through SME segment and churn 

      Tashnim, Tashfia (2018)
      This report contains basic summary of how B2B department control the telecommunication industry. It has detailed information about how it works, what it does, what are their importance and their impact in telecommunication ...
    • Balance Scorecard for performance measurement 

      Rekha, Marjia Kajol (2019-01-29)
      Nowadays, organizations are in such a transformation where previously age competition is diverting to Informational age of competition. The opposition organizations dealing with in the previously, has pressured them to ...
    • Bangla Automatic Phoneme Recognition 

      Shweta, Shrobana Barai; Parvin, Irine; Liza, Nasrin Jahan; Saida, Aziza Tun (United International University, 2018-05-27)
      Speech recognition is now known a most challenging problem. People are trying to use speech recognition in so many applications to make their work easier. In Bengali language there are so many varieties in pronunciation. ...
    • Bangla Content Categorization Using Text Based Supervised Learning Methods 

      Al Mostakim, Sadek; Ehsan, Faiza; Hasan, Syeda Mahdiea (2018-09)
      The widespread and increasing availability of text documents in electronic form increases the importance of using automatic methods to analyze the content of text documents. Specifically, there is a great development in ...
    • Bangla Sentence Correction Using Deep Neural Network Based Sequence to Sequence Learning 

      Islam, Sadidul; Sarkar, Mst. Farhana; Hussain, Towhid; Hasan, Md. Mehedi (2018-09)
      Development in deep neural networks in particular to natural language processing has motivated researchers to apply these techniques in solving challenging problems like machine translation, automatic grammar checking, ...

      Saha, Sourav; Tabassum, Faria; Saha, Kowshik; Akter, Marjana (United International University, 2019-01-05)
      This thesis is mainly focused on finding out the misspelled words and providing the most optimized suggestion for Bengali words. The system that has been developed to make the path more ease of checking Bengali spelling ...
    • Bangladesh Against Militancy & Terrorism 2016 

      Kaler, Kantho (Kaler Kantho, 2016-09-07)
    • Bangladesh Against Militancy & Terrorism 2016-Jugantor 

      Jugantor (Jugantor, 2016-09-04)
    • Banking System Resiliency: Basel III, Islamic Banking and Cyber security 

      Rahman, Mahfuzur (2018-10-16)
      This study looks into financial resiliency drawing on the academic and policy literatures and publications as a source to draw new perspectives. We focused on the theoretical side of banking system resiliency and explores ...
    • Banking System: Emphasis on E-Banking & SME Banking Prospect of NCC Bank Limited 

      Tabassum, Ridwana (United Internation University, 2019-02-15)
      National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. bears a one of its very own kind history. The association began its voyage in the money related division of the nation as a speculation organization in 1985. The point of the organization ...
    • Barriers to Female Education in Bangladesh 

      Ferdous, Jannatul (2018-02-06)
      For social and economic development education is equally important for both man and women. However, in Bangladesh, a significant gap still exists between male and female education attainment. The purpose of this research ...
    • Basel III & Financial Stability: A framework of monitoring the banking activities 

      Akther, Rehana (2018-09-26)
      Objectives: This study aims at implementing the Basel and monitoring this framework in banking sector. Methodology: It is based mainly on secondary data. Findings reveal that over all Basel III practices of banks are ...
    • Behavior of Loan Activities of IDLC Finance Limited 

      Bunty (United International University, 2018-09)
    • Big Data Mining in the Presence of Concept Drifting 

      Siraj, Tabassum; Jannat, Efrana; Rasul, Warafta; Chowdhury, Meher Afroz (2019-03-05)
      Concept drift in big data mining is an absolute, highly demanding research issue in this digital era. A concept in "concept drift" involved in the field of data mining (DM) and machine learning (ML) studies is referred ...
    • Bilateral Trade between India and Bangladesh: The Dumping Issue 

      Elahi, Syed Margub (United International University, 2018-01-24)
      The trades between two countries were long before the liberation war of Bangladesh but as soon as both economies started flourishing India played different strategy on restricting imports from Bangladesh. There were several ...

      Abdullah, Tamanna (United International University, 2018-01-23)
      From the very beginning, China, India, Pakistan and Singapore have been major and significant partners of Bangladesh both economically and politically. Unfortunately, it is recently estimated that Bangladesh has highest ...
    • Bilateral Trade Deficit of Bangladesh with China, India, Pakistan and Singapore 

      Abdullah, Tamanna (United International University, 2017-10-28)
      From the very beginning, China, India, Pakistan and Singapore have been major and significant partners of Bangladesh both economically and politically. Unfortunately, it is recently estimated that Bangladesh has highest ...
    • Book Building Method and Its Impact on Capital Market of Bangladesh 

      Islam, Sadia (United International University, 2018-04-13)
      Applied information is essential to the submission of hypothetical aptitude. Considering this,the topic of this report is selected to acquire real knowledge. I thankfully admit my indebtness concepts and data providers. I ...

      Chowdhury, Farhat (United International University, 2018-07-10)
      Human capital is an integral source for a country's development, but due to the massive emigration of the intelligent and highly skilled students, Bangladesh is experiencing a brain drain. The objective of the paper is to ...
    • Brain Machine Interface 

      Miah, Md. Ochiuddin; Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur; Meno, Md. Rashed Khan (2018-03-16)
      In last few decades fields like- Intelligence Systems for biosignals processing and modeling has developed extensively and this advancement has opened up many new windows of opportunities. Brain Machine Interface (BMI) is ...