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dc.description.abstractBangladesh’s human resource management department is now quite emerging in the corporate world. Earlier, various organizations did not pay much attention to the human resource department, but now all the organizations are emphasizing human resource management. It always has been seen that the most important resource of a company is human resource. Therefore, it has become an important responsibility of the organizations to take care of these resources. And, through this, the success of the company can be ensured. Through this study, I would like to find out how human resource management is practiced in Bangladesh’s two-wheeler automobile industry. In my Internship Report, based on the secondary data collection sources, I’m going to unfold the world of HR practice of Bangladesh’ two-wheeler automobile industry with its four main HRM functions including how they recruit and select employees, their training and development procedure, compensation management according to employee’s performance and frequent feedbacks practice as well as two-wheeler companies details and HRM structure. This study is going to be beneficial for HRM practitioners and researchers about Bangladesh's two-wheeler automobile industry. Bangladesh has been trying since independence to become a high-growth-oriented developing country. To fulfill the country’s dream of 2021, the two-wheeler automobile industry makes the path easier by contributing to economic development. According to The World’s Largest Research, Market Research Store published on 30th December 2020, the Bangladesh two-wheeler market is expected to witness more than 6% growth in term of CAGR in the time period of 2021 to 2025 which is the significant part of the automobile industry for the last decades. (Dublin, 2020) This statistical data shows the adoption of the two-wheeler increasing in the Bangladeshi market. Major two-wheeler companies like Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, Bajaj Motorcycles (Uttara Motors), TVS, Hero Motor Corporation Bangladesh, Runner, Yamaha (ACI motors). Due to the competitive two-wheeler market, these major companies HR practice is highly noticeable. However, more work should be done in the HRM department as the practice of human resource management is still below average in many automobile organizations in Bangladesh. As well as, there are many organizations where the owner tries to implement the human resource policies as he/she wishes. Meanwhile, organizations that have foreign clients, focus on the organization’s overall policies before making any deal with the organization. Foreign clients are concerned whether the organization they are working with ensures the safety of the employees, a nice working environment, and so on. A lot of research has shown that when the working environment is good and a decent salary is given to the employees, the productivities of employees increase which helps the organization to make more profit.en_US
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