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    • Bangla Automatic Phoneme Recognition 

      Shweta, Shrobana Barai; Parvin, Irine; Liza, Nasrin Jahan; Saida, Aziza Tun (United International University, 2018-05-27)
      Speech recognition is now known a most challenging problem. People are trying to use speech recognition in so many applications to make their work easier. In Bengali language there are so many varieties in pronunciation. ...
    • Study on Bangla Phonetic Features 

      Rakib, Md. All-Mosabbir; Aktar, Sumaia; Tarik, Md. Tarikuzzaman; Chowdhury, Ikbal Hossain (United International University, 2018-10-10)
      Speech recognition is one of the most important computer technologies for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model. ASR model have to enables device for recognize and very better known as Bangla word. ASR model check ...