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    • Network Intrusion Classification Employing Machine Learning: A Survey 

      Akhi, Afroja Bhuiyan; Kanon, Esrat Jahan; Kabir, Arpita; Banu, Atika (2019-01-18)
      In this modern era computer network security is a vital issue. Network security is developed by an efficient Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It is used to identify unauthorized access, malicious attacks and give an alert ...
    • Network Intrusion Classification with Feature Reduction 

      Munir, Md. Sirazul; Alam, Md. Shamsul; Jahan, Irin; Ferdaous, Jannatul (2019-05-29)
      Nowadays, in data technology, data preservation has become a good issue. Computers and completely different security breaches are incessantly attacked by security threats. There are completely different malicious network ...